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Make your kitchen backsplash something special

A kitchen backsplash is as functional as it is gorgeous, adding a wealth of benefits to every home. In addition to aesthetic appeal, these pieces serve far more practical and beneficial purposes, especially in your busy home. Read along to find out more about how the right backsplashes can make all the difference in your kitchen.

A kitchen backsplash is something special

The functionality of your backsplash is multifaceted. For beautiful visual appeal, you have a vast variety of materials, each with its colors, veinings, and textures to provide you with a match for any décor. Subway tile backsplash materials are incredibly trendy right now, with attractive format options, so be sure to ask about these when you visit.
These pieces also work to protect your wall, covering the gap found between your wall and countertop and rising to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. With this placement, your walls are safe from water damage, grease, stains, and more, as the materials are easy to clean. Since they’re also waterproof, you can expect no mold, mildew, or bacteria growth, leaving you with a much cleaner and safer breathing space for any allergy sufferers in your home.

Tile installation can be a tedious process and requires an installation team with experience, training, and up to date tools for the many aspects of getting these pieces in place. However, they are super quick and easy to clean and maintain, usually only requiring a damp cloth to wipe away most messes. What’s more, these materials often offer lifespans of up to 50 years or more, so you’ll enjoy the benefits a backsplash brings for a long time to come.

Choose us for your kitchen backsplash

At Two Stone Slab & Tile, you’ll find all the materials and services necessary to create an excellent backsplash. When you visit our showroom in Minden, Nevada, you’ll find our associates standing by to help you browse the fantastic products that will make up your new features. We strive to make your goals our own as we customize our services to meet your precise requirements.

We proudly serve residents from Minden, NV, Genoa, NV, Gardnerville, NV, Johnson Lane, NV, Carson City, NV, Mammoth Lakes, CA, and Lake Tahoe, CA, and we invite you to visit us as well, whenever you’re in the area. We are locally owned and operated, work with the best contractors and fabricators, and even do small repairs. When you're ready for a great kitchen backsplash, be sure to drop by for a visit.
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